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Branding Projects

I created the designs in this section outside of my job at James Madison University. They're some of my favorites, and the most recent work on display here.

Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability 


The Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability supports the advancement of renewable energy and environmental sustainability. The center needed a logo that reflected their main areas of research: solar, wind, and hydropower energy. The defining characteristic of the center’s identity system is a cloud-like shape that signifies clean air. It can also be interpreted as a thought bubble, an index to research.

Infrared Development and Thermal Systems Laboratory


The Infrared Development and Thermal Systems Laboratory supports research and development efforts that involve non-contact thermal and mechanical measurement techniques. A series of red bands that gets progressively darker appears in the logo and on all IDTSL materials. This represents the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The font was chosen and customized to give a scientific feel.

Stephanie Williford - Bookmaker, Painter, Printmaker 


Stephanie is a local artist who wanted a brand as unique and dynamic as her work. Hand lettering was used for her name in the logo. A color pallet was inspired by the distinctive colors used in her work. The main unifying element of Stephanie’s identity system is the use of x shapes formed by crossing threads. This shape appears on marketing materials and the center of the button in her logo. On a recent poster many of these shapes are used to form a cross-stitch style portrait of her.

JMU Projects

I'm currently employed as the lead designer at Creative Services, an in-house print and web design studio for James Madison University’s College of Health and Behavioral Studies and College of Integrated Science and Engineering. I designed the following projects as part of this job, working within the university's pre-existing identity system.

Recently Completed Projects
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